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About Us

Over the years we’ve spent many of our family holidays in Italy, we got married there and had our children christened there. Early on we fell in love with the Italian style of family dining and the incredible food that went with it. The produce was so fresh, simply cooked and tasted amazing, but it was the wood fired pizzas of Naples that really blew us away. We often wondered why we couldn’t get a pizza like that at home, so eventually, we decided it was time to set about opening our own pizzeria and see what we could do.

We took inspiration from restaurants in New York and San Francisco where Neapolitan style pizza was taking off thanks to renowned pizzerias such as Franny’s, Roberta’s and Una Neapolitana.

We loved what these guys were doing but the key for us was to develop a recipe that was our own. So together with a bunch of like-minded friends we set about creating our perfect pizza. It’s been a long process, we’ve tasted a lot of dough & eaten a lot of pizza, but we’re happy with the result.

Our intention was always to serve just pizza but we found it difficult not to include some of the other amazing Italian dishes we had tasted on to our menu. So in the end we did just that and our little pizzeria became a collection of our favourite dishes from our holidays in Italy.


Where possible we wanted everything to be made in house and that included the dough for our pizza bases. We all spent a lot of time testing out different recipes and finally came up with a dough that gave us the taste and texture we were looking for. All of our dough is made from scratch and is then left to prove in the fridge for 48 hrs before being hand stretched to order. Each pizza is cooked in our wood burning ovens for only 2 minutes at nearly 400 degrees giving us the result we wanted - a delicious light base with a puffy and ever so slightly blistered crust.

More than just pizza

It was always our intention to create a restaurant that was casual and informal. As a result we felt that the menu needed to suit all occasions, whether it be a large group of friends and family or a couple popping in for a a bottle of wine and a selection of small plates. Eventually we managed to narrow the menu down to some of our favourites, dishes such as hot italian sausage with fennel and chilli, Siclilian style octopus, delicious Italian meats and cheeses, traditional Bistecca alla Fiorentina and classic Zeppole (Italian doughnuts) for dessert. In addition we always have a selection of seasonal specials and classic pasta dishes available.


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Monday - Sunday
12pm - 10pm

The maximum party size for online bookings is nine people. For larger parties, please call the restaurant on 01179 737 978.

We keep our counter seating free for walk-in diners, so may still have availability even if you are unable to book online.


Whiteladies Restaurant
96 Whiteladies Rd, Bristol BS8 2QX
01179 737 978

Clifton Village Restaurant
29 Regent Street, Bristol, BS8 4HR
01179 092 770

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