More Than Just Pizza

We’ve always had a deep love of Italy and spend most of our family holidays there. We got married there and even had our children christened there. Early on we fell in love with Italian food and the ingredient-led simplicity of its cooking, the culture of Italian family dining and of course the delicious wood fired pizzas of Naples. We often wondered why we couldn't get Neapolitan style pizza like that at home and eventually decided it was time open our own pizzeria to see what we could do.

We took inspiration from restaurants in New York and San Francisco where Neapolitan style pizza was taking off thanks to the guys at Franny’s, Roberta’s and Una Neapolitana.

We quickly got to work and began sourcing the best produce we could find. We refined our dough recipe and eventually we created our own Neapolitan style pizza.

Once we were happy with our pizza we started to write our menu but soon found we just couldn’t leave out the other amazing dishes we had tasted on our travels. So in the end we created a menu full of fresh homemade Italian dishes and what began as a little neighbourhood pizzeria became something slightly more, something more than just pizza.


Monday - Sunday
12pm - 10pm

The maximum party size for online bookings is nine people. For larger parties, please call the restaurant on 01179 092 770.

If the time slot you want is not available, try calling the restaurant as we may still have counter seats available.


01179 092 770

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